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Alphonsa Stephen M.D.,F.A.A.P.       Minimal Waiting Time       Now Accepting New Patients       Phone: 702-450-0003      

We took our new baby to Dr. Stephen to get his circumcision done and she did a great job. We were a bit nervous at first since the last doctor we went to messed up our other sonís circumcision and we had to get it fixed. Dr. Stephen was understanding and gave us reassurance. She did a good job and we couldnít be happier with the results. -Krysten O.

The office had good information regarding the immunizations and the items you needed to bring to the hospital before and after the delivery. They helped out a lot with any questions I had asked and they were answered clearly. I like the fact that the doctor is a ď24 hr doctor.Ē You can call and she will call you after hours. The facility is actually open 7 days a week when other facilities are closed on certain days of the week. -Rasha N.

We are very happy with Dr. Stephen. She is very thorough and spends time with us at each appointment. She always answers all our questions we have and is very personable. -Melissa & Moke S.

My son and I have been to Dr. Stephenís office a few times now. During every visit we get very quick and courteous service and every time my son gets sick I have comfort in knowing that as soon as we go see the doctor she will know exactly what is wrong and he will be on his way to getting better. Overall, thumbs up for everyone at the office. -Armina G.

We are always treated with respect and compassion. At our last appointment our son was circumcised. The procedure went smoothly and the healing looks great. Dr. Stephen is wonderful and her office staff is knowledgeable and well organized. -Meredith W.

Dr. Stephen is always so helpful and willing to answer all your questions. Itís nice to know that you can always get in very fast also for anything. -Malulani & James M.

We love Dr. Stephen so much. She has been so good to us. We have never had to wait for any of our appointments and she is always available if you need to call her. She is kind and professional and our kids love her. We are proud that she is our pediatrician! - Courtney & Jason S.

Everything went well. I thought your staff did a good job. The baby is doing fine. Iíll refer all my friends to your clinic. Thank you. -Rigal A.

Dr. Stephen is always very helpful whenever I need help with my kids. I know she is always available for anything! -Michelle C.

Dr. Stephen is the best pediatrician we have ever had. When our son had RSV and Dr. Stephen was changing offices, she personally called to check on him and made sure he was doing well. The office staff is friendly and helpful. We would never go anywhere else. -Jared & Mindy W.

We are excited to have you join our family! We look forward to hearing your testimony in the future!